A History of Turkish Bible Translations

Kitabı Mukaddes'in Türkçe Tercümelerinin Tarihçesi

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    'An invaluable scholarly study' --- The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford, U.K.

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    Version S was published on 7 March 2014.
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    Bruce Privratsky taught religious studies and ethnology at Ahmet Yesevi University in Kazakhstan and now lives in Turkey. He is the author of Muslim Turkistan: Kazak Religion and Collective Memory (Curzon Press [Routledge], 2001) and has degrees from Asbury Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and the University of Tennessee (Ph.D.). He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Tübingen and studıed at Harvard Divinity School.

History of Turkish Bible Translations

This study is updated as new historical sources become available. Corrections and supplementary information may be sent to the author in the comments field below. 

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Translations of the Turkish Bible from the 16th century to the present are itemized with historical notes on each translation. The Turkish manuscripts and printed versions are organized according to the alphabet in which they were written: Arabic (Osmanlıca), Hebræo-Turkish, Græco-Turkish, Armeno-Turkish, and Latin (Modern Turkish). Appendix I is a list of Turkish Bibles or Bible portions in strict chronological order but without annotations. Appendix II shows several Turkish versions of the Lord’s Prayer. Appendix III compares the 17th-century translations of Ali Bey (Wojciech Bobowski) and Haki (Yahya b. Ishak) with “Kieffer’s Bible” of 1827. Appendices IV and V summarize current research on Ali Bey’s biography.


Bible translation, Turkish Bible, Ottoman Bible, Osmanlica, Ottoman literature, Ottoman printing, Kitabi Mukaddes, Kutsal Kitap, Armeno-Turkish, Greco-Turkish, Ali Bey, Bobowski, Bobovius, Ali Ufki, Haki, Kieffer, William Goodell, Redhouse, Turabi, Selim Efendi, Schauffler, William Seaman, Leali, Ismail Ferruh, Firkowicz, Wendel, Vendel, Vedat Örs, Hannah Neudecker, Noel Malcolm, Funda Toprak, Sadik Yazar, Ozkan, Ali Simsek, Konutgan, Cosmades, Leeves, MacCallum, Trevor Penrose

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